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We work with people whose ideas are bigger than their egos. People who put their heart and soul into what they believe. People who have faith in the power of collaboration. People just like us.


Go Organics Website | 03.07.11


Go Organics is an organic salsa company who came to us in need of a refreshed online presence. We decided to compliment their organic values with clean and bold imagery...more +

Discover Denver e-Newsletter | 02.15.11


Discover Denver is an e-Newsletter promoting all things good in the Queen City. After deciding to ditch the look of their old design, they approached Left Hand Collective and asked for something a little more digestable...more +

Sleepytime Playlist for the Lil Sister | 11.16.10

I decided to make a playlist for my little sister because she couldn't sleep. Turns out the slow, melodic songs that help me relax don't always have the best content in them. "Mad World" by Gary Jules has the lyrics, "...the dreams in which I'm dying are the best I ever had." Not the best for an eight year old. The playlist has some gems on it though that you can see after the click...more +

Dying Breeds Website | 02.16.10


Made in the mountains of Colorado, Dying Breeds belts and buckles came to LHC needing a web presence. Here's what we gave them...more +

Go Skate Day Posters | 06.21.10

Carlsbad Action Sports Park and Museum needed some sort of public presence to promote their Go Skate Day initiative. Staying simple we went in these two visual directions...more +


The Age of Participatory Consumerism | 10.05.10

Is it fair that a service such as Yelp has the ability to potentially destroy a business? Absolutely.

Little has changed with how we approach word of mouth communications.

Yelp (and any other website based on consumer reviews) just ups the ante by exposing us to many “friends” around the globe, instead of our one informed friend down the block. The descriptive information – the meat of the review itself – spreads much faster and is more readily available than ever before...
more +

Early Birds out Getting the Worm |

This concept is about as old it gets: early birds pecking the ground in hopes of extracting that one juicy worm because they were first in line.

It is an optimistic analogy of sorts, based on the simple idea that all one has to do to get ahead in this rat (shall we say bird?) race is rise early and peck relentlessly. You never know, your juicy worm just might lie at the surface. Obviously what this amounts to is hunting...
more +

Sweatpants and a Scarf on a Hot Summer Day | 08.24.10

Boots. Sweatpants. Hoodie. Scarf. Beanie.

This lady was dressed for a blizzard, while the rest of us were in trunks and bikinis. You get uncomfortably hot just looking at...more +

Flawless by Design: Leafcutter Ants | 08.17.10

Leafcutter ants are the only other creatures in the world to grow their own food. As their name implies, these lil’ guys cut leaves from plants and trees. But they don’t actually eat the leaves.

The ants transport their vegetative loot to a vast underground nest where they chew the leaves into a pulp for storage. And then the cultivation magic happens...more +

Get Your Hands Dirty | 09.12.10

“In order to be able to create lasting, stable changes, you have to get your hands dirty; you have to wrap your mind and your heart around the concepts that are affecting the people. And you have to create an infrastructure in their own thinking...more +

What Goes Around Comes Around | 08.11.10

Here’s a quick explanation of a ranch in California we came across that raises grass-fed, free-range livestock. It sounds hippy dippy, but sometimes hippies don’t get enough credit. At least the productive hippies don’t.

“Producing the natural meat starts with California sun and fresh water pumped from wells to irrigate the native grass pastures. The ranch uses no pesticides on the grass, instead the chickens roam free...
more +

The Beauty of Going Ultralight | 08.11.10

The theory behind ultralight backpacking poses one of the more interesting conundrums in backcountry travel: how can I do more with less?

We humans love our creature comforts. So for the backpacking greenhorn, loading your pack with all the trappings of convenience would seem obvious.

But a few miles in, the novice realizes...
more +





Read: The New Capitalist Manifesto

Tired of the crappy products that end up in landfills? Or corporations that hurt more than they help? Be warned... this isn't the kind of book that you cuddle up on the couch with a nice bowl of chicken noodle soup. It's intense. And radical. Check it out...here +

Watch: Beautiful Losers

We could watch this video everyday and never get tired of it. If you enjoy the DIY culture and building things from the ground up, watch this. If you enjoy seeing the little people win in the end by working hard and not losing their roots, watch this. If you want to be inspired, watch this...watch +

Watch: Life Cycles

Just recently we came across the trailer for the new mountain biking film “Life Cycles.” Let’s just say we now want to get out there and shred hard. And we’ve only seen the trailer...watch +

Read: Cognitive Surplus

Want to change the world? We'd recommend starting your journey by checking out this great read from Clay Shirky...here +

Listen: Please Speak Well of Me | The Weepies

I've been in a really reflective mood for a lot of this summer after almost kicking the can. This song really hit home and has been a frequent listen as of late...listen +

View: I Live Here: SF Website

Here's an awesome site about the people of SF and their relationship with the city. I've only been there once when I was a youngin' but dang does this make me want to go back...here +

Watch: The Future of Books by ID

We love physical books in our hand, and the bookshelves they fill...but this vision by IDEO of what could be down the road for new books is pretty rad...here +

Watch: Interview with M.Vignelli

Like good design? Like simplicity? This is a must watch in our opinion...here +